Easy Festive Holiday Ice Ring for Punch


PREP TIME | 5 MINS plus freeze time


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I like to make punch for holiday gatherings. Guests love helping themselves to refills and I appreciate the time it saves me as I work on dinner’s finishing touches. As always, this ice ring is easy to make and only requires a few ingredients we already have on hand for the holidays recipes. Think bayleaf, sage, cranberries, lemons, limes and rosemary. There are hundreds of combinations. Let your imagination run wild. My only caveat…use real and not inedible ingredients. You wouldn’t want a guest accidentally ingesting a plastic leaf or two. Above is a simple thanksgiving ice ring made with lemon, bay leaf and cranberries.


1 medium bundt cake pan
3-12 oz cans flavored sparkling water, lemon lime soda of choice or ginger ale
3 thin slices lemon
3 medium fresh sage leaves and 3 small fresh sage leaves
6 cranberries, halved crosswise. You will only use the top of the sliced cranberries.


1. In a medium-sized bundt cake pan, pour 2 cans of the sparkling water or soda, and pop into the freezer for 30 minutes.
2. Remove from freezer, the liquid will be slightly slushy, and the place the fruit into a pattern. I like to put the lemon slices in first and then top each with a sliced cranberry half. I then position in between the lemon slices, one small sage leaf slightly overlapping the medium sage leaf and then place a halved cranberry at the bottom of each as pictured above.
3. Return the ice ring to the freezer. Dont worry if the ingredients have shifted, simply straighten them out. Let freeze for 30 more minutes.
4. Remove from freezer and pour the last can of soda into the pan, return to the freezer and let freeze for at least 2 hours. Keep frozen until ready to use.


I remove the ring from the bundt pan and place it into a large resealable bag. The ring takes up less space and I get my bundt pan back to use for other holiday recipes.
Make beautiful ice rings for bridal and baby showers by freezing edible flowers and fresh berries into patters and floating in champagne and orange juice punch.

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