Very Smart, Very Tested, Very Curated Products I Love

I am all about the essentialist kitchen! Below are some of my favorite kitchen items that do double duty whenever possible.

I wish someone had guided me to the products I would absolutely need and those I could do without. I have taken care to choose products that make sense for the novice and seasoned cook alike.

For example, I love the Boos line of cutting boards. They can be expensive but they will last many years, and the medium cutting board is reversible. It allows for dicing veggies on one side, and carving meat (plus catching the juice) on thee other side—genius!

If you follow me on Instagram, you hear me mention second-hand stores all the time, and many of these items can be found at your local thrift store. However, if you want an item new, or want it quickly, click below for some of my favorite kitchen products.

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