The Appetizer Board


Don’t be intimidated by the thought of creating your own appetizer board. Start with a theme like French, Italian, Country or a simple cheese and salami combination. Use fun baskets, different napkins (Items need not match) and varying heights to create interest. If you’re in a time crunch pick up items from the local deli or frozen section at your grocer. Consider skewering large ravioli or tortellini and serving along side a bowl of marinara, with salami and cheese to create an Italian themed board or pick up a couple of different pate’s, serve with cheese and tiny pickles along with mustard to create a decidedly French board. I like to steam and quarter artichoke and serve with a dill mayonnaise dipping sauce for a twist on the traditional board. Really anything you have in the fridge can be used to create an appetizer board. Let your imagination run wild!

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