One of my favorite pastimes is rummaging through the local Good Will and other thrift shops to pick up fun and unique finds. I’ve purchased several of these ice cream sundae glasses over the years and have found countless ways to use these little treasures, including wrapping up a set of 4 along with an ice cream scoop in a pretty box. At a buck apiece its quite an affordable and charming gift. Here are just a few of the other things you can do with ice cream sundae glasses:

  • Use one glass for forks, one glass for knives, and one glass for spoons the next time you serve a meal buffet style. This display looks especially pretty for a bridal shower, luncheon, brunch or tea.
  • Store measuring spoons and display them on the counter. Not only does it look pretty, you’ll be thanking yourself for the easy access when you’re in the middle of a recipe and need yet another spoon.
  • Place cotton balls and or cotton swabs inside to use in the bathroom for a pretty display and easy access.