Edible Flowers


I grow and use edible flowers often to take my dishes and entertaining to the next level. They make a beautiful garnish for salads, soups and even cocktails. You can freeze them into ice cubes and then float in a glass of white wine or sangria. Top a salad with a few nasturtiums flowers for a beautiful boost of color and a peppery zing. Place the leaves from the nasturtium plant on top of soup to create the look of a whimsical Lily Pond. Sprinkle rose petals, violet flowers or a combination of both onto a white frosted cake to go from ordinary to extraordinary or top a white frosted cupcake with a single dandelion for a happy and elegant display. The ski is the limit . Of course, be mindful of where you source these flowers. Be sure they are pesticide free and positively identified as edible.

Here are some favorite edible flowers to use in your culinary creations:

Rose petals 



Red clover blossoms

Nasturtium flowers and leaves

Lavender and basil buds

Dandelion flowers

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