Oil Roasted Cherry Tomatoes




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I make a big batch of these oil roasted cherry tomatoes and freeze them. I use them throughout the winter months and spoon them along with the oil into pastas, on top of flatbread’s and pizzas and toss into stews for a burst of fresh tomato flavor.


* 2 pints cherry tomatoes
* 1 1/2 cups extra virgin olive oil
* 6 fresh thyme sprigs
* 2 sprigs rosemary
* 6 garlic cloves, peeled and lightly smashed, optional
* 6 Serrano peppers, optional
* 1 teaspoon kosher salt


Preheat the oven to 225F.

1. Place the tomatoes in a single layer in a baking dish and drizzle them with the oil.
2. Add thyme, garlic and salt. Bake until the tomatoes are swollen and the skins are wrinkled. About 2.5-3 hours.
3. Remove from the oven and let cool completely. Freeze in 1 cup containers along with equal amounts of oil or refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.


I typically make two batches; one with time and kosher salt iand 1 batch with garlic and Serrano pepper for a spicy version.

Best Combinations to use to stuff inside a chicken


A combination of Rosemary, Thyme, Onion, Garlic and Citrus⁠ make a wonderfully aromatic amalgamation to pop inside chicken for a bright, moist bird every time. Let your imagination run wild. The secret to a succulent chicken is to stuff the cavity with ingredients that will produce moisture such as fruit, veggies, herbs and other aromatics. Always try to add an onion for depth plus here are a few examples and combinations to consider:

* Any savory herb and or combinations such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, tarragon, cilantro
* Halved limes sprinkled with cumin and cilantro
* Halved oranges mixed with honey and thyme
* Carrots, turnips and celery with your favorite herbs
* Halved lemons, garlic and thyme

Make a healthy snack station


Help family members make better snacking decisions by creating a Healthy Snack Station. Our snack station, pictured above, is made using a layered fruit basket with canning jars filled with various healthy snacks. My family knows exactly where to go for a quick, healthy and delicious treat. I store items such as nuts, cocoa nibs, coconut flake and dried fruit in these resealable jars for quick access and that even little hands can easily grab.

Some items to munch on include.. but let your imagination run wild:
* Cocoa nibs
* Coconut Flake
* Pretzels
* Granola
* nuts
* Seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower
* Dried Fruit
* Hemp Seed and Protein Powder
* Chia Seed

Roast Tomatoes to Freeze for later


Got a bumper crop of tomatoes? Consider roasting them to freeze for later! I love the taste and versatility of roasted tomatoes and I like to preserve their wonderful flavor for later by freezing them to use in soups and sauces. It is best to use cherry tomatoes or smaller Roma tomatoes when roasting to freeze. I toss these frozen tomatoes into a hot pan with olive oil, garlic and stir until a bubbly sauce appears. Toss in your favorite cooked pasta, a little pasta water, some Pecorino and you have a fast and great tasting pasta sauce and meal.

* 12-14 cherry tomatoes or 6-8 Roma tomatoes (depending on size) cut in half
* Olive oil for drizzling
* Sea salt
* Freshly ground pepper

* Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
* Rinse, dry and half the tomatoes
* Line a large sheet pan with parchment
* Rinse, dry and cut the tomatoes in half and lay on sheet pan cut side up.
* Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt and a few good cranks of freshly ground pepper.
* Roast for 40-60 minutes or until roasted to your preference.
* Let cool and then pop the sheet tray into the freezer for a couple of hours. When frozen, place the tomatoes into a resealable bag and store in the freezer until ready to use.

Store Greens and Lettuce in glass containers for a beautiful display in the fridge or as a Fresh centerpiece.


Have fresh greens right up front to get creative with instead of letting them wither away in the crisper.⁠ Why not pretty-up your fridge with greens⁠ Display Kale, Swiss chard and other leafy greens in jelly jars on the side door or on a shelf of the refrigerator. I also like to create inexpensive, bright and cheerful centerpieces with greens in pretty vases for a beautiful and Inexpensive display for casual dinner parties or brunch.