Best Combinations to use to stuff inside a chicken


A combination of Rosemary, Thyme, Onion, Garlic and Citrus⁠ make a wonderfully aromatic amalgamation to pop inside chicken for a bright, moist bird every time. Let your imagination run wild. The secret to a succulent chicken is to stuff the cavity with ingredients that will produce moisture such as fruit, veggies, herbs and other aromatics. Always try to add an onion for depth plus here are a few examples and combinations to consider:

* Any savory herb and or combinations such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, tarragon, cilantro
* Halved limes sprinkled with cumin and cilantro
* Halved oranges mixed with honey and thyme
* Carrots, turnips and celery with your favorite herbs
* Halved lemons, garlic and thyme

Make a healthy snack station


Help family members make better snacking decisions by creating a Healthy Snack Station. Our snack station, pictured above, is made using a layered fruit basket with canning jars filled with various healthy snacks. My family knows exactly where to go for a quick, healthy and delicious treat. I store items such as nuts, cocoa nibs, coconut flake and dried fruit in these resealable jars for quick access and that even little hands can easily grab.

Some items to munch on include.. but let your imagination run wild:
* Cocoa nibs
* Coconut Flake
* Pretzels
* Granola
* nuts
* Seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower
* Dried Fruit
* Hemp Seed and Protein Powder
* Chia Seed

Store Greens and Lettuce in glass containers for a beautiful display in the fridge or as a Fresh centerpiece.


Have fresh greens right up front to get creative with instead of letting them wither away in the crisper.⁠ Why not pretty-up your fridge with greens⁠ Display Kale, Swiss chard and other leafy greens in jelly jars on the side door or on a shelf of the refrigerator. I also like to create inexpensive, bright and cheerful centerpieces with greens in pretty vases for a beautiful and Inexpensive display for casual dinner parties or brunch.

Keep Mini Bottles of Wine on Hand


When are little bottles of wine better than bigger bottles of wine? No, this is not a trick question! Keep little bottles of Chardonnay, Cabernet and or Pinot wines on hand when you don’t want to open a regular-sized bottle. Use in sauces and soups and to deglaze the skillet to make rich pan sauces when plain broth just won’t due! Pictured here is my Easy-Peasy Pot Roast. Recipe found on this site

Quickly Dry Lettuce and Greens To Store


I am going to grill these pretty little gems with a bit of basic dressing (olive oil, lemon, crushed garlic and sea salt). In the meantime, here is a quick tip to help make dinner prep easier. Rinse Romaine lettuce leaves and then place on to a long sheet of paper towels and roll them up and store them in the fridge. They continue to dry and are ready to go when I am ready to use them. This saves time and valuable refrigerator space especially if planning dinner for quests.I recycle or reuse the paper towels afterwards.⁠

Bouquet garni


Make these simple, fragrant and game changing bundles to add to soups, stews and sauces. Bouquet garni or “garnished bundle” as it translates from French to English are bundles or packages of herbs tied together or rolled into a ball and tucked into cheesecloth or even a tea strainer. Bouquet garni is added to broths, stews and liquids to add deep flavor and is removed prior to serving the dish. While there is no one recipe for a bouquet garni most French recipes use thyme, bay leaf, parsley, and often times have the addition of basil, chervil, rosemary and tarragon depending on the protein or liquid it is flavoring.

Pictured here I am making simple bundles of herbs using thyme, rosemary and parsley and a few Italian versions by adding oregano. I make several bouquets at a time, pop a couple into the refrigerator to use for the week and then freeze several to use later in the season. This works especially well during late fall when we have an abundance of herbs that need to be harvested before the deep freeze of winter arrives. These make wonderful hostess gifts too.


* Several bundles of your favorites herbs, rinsed and dried
* Twine,
* Sharp scissors
* Cheese cloth, optional

1. Rinse and dry the herbs well.
2. Separate each herb into piles according to the flavor profile you desire. Use 4-5 sprigs of each herb and group the different herbs together.
3. Cut a piece of string long enough to wrap around the bundle a few times.
4. Wrap the herbs tight enough so they stay in tact during cooking and simmering but not so tight as to rip the delicate sprigs and then tie a knot and snip the ends of the twine off. Be sure to keep about an inch on each side so you can easily grab the bouquet when you are ready to remove it.
5. When the dish is finished cooking or simmering, remove the Bouquet garni with a spoon and wring out any remaining liquid back into the dish.

Here are some flavor combinations to try. The combinations are endless.

* Classic French: thyme, bay leaf and parsley

* Italian: oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil

* Chicken: tarragon, thyme and basil

* Beef: rosemary, thyme, parsley, bay leaf

* Fish: tarragon, lemon balm, thyme