About Me

Gigi Verrey

The recipes, tips and tricks found on these pages are born from a love of making life and food, simple, fun and at times a little quirky.

Hi. my name is Gigi Verrey and I grew up watching my father, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, whip up French-inspired cuisine with fresh vegetables, dressings and sauces. My mother was born and raised in Cold Springs, Kentucky on a farm and served up hearty meals like, collard greens, pork chops and biscuits. My parents cooking styles instilled in me the desire to go with the flow and to try different food combinations without hesitation. I spent my first few years of life in Switzerland, watching my two kind, French-only speaking aunts and uncle tend to the family garden and on Wednesdays and Saturdays, we would walk to the open-air markets in the town square. My love of gardening and flowers stems from these childhood memories and in a way my garden is a way to pay tribute to my ancestors. The majority of my life though, has been lived outside of Chicago, in the heart of the mid-west, where we ate a lot of corn, beef and three square meals with a side of Kool-Aid.

These days I use fresh vegetables whenever possible but I am not opposed to using canned beans and frozen corn in a pinch!

It is my goal to use the fewest ingredients and cut out as many unnecessary steps as possible to create simple, healthy, great tasting dishes for you to try. I guess you can say I’m working to bring sanity back into the kitchen!

Happy eating,